Why Is My Period Late. Reasons You Must Know.


why is my period late

In all females, menstrual cycle befalls in all females. It starts from the commencement of puberty average age is 11-15 years and it will continue till the menopause occurs. Menopause generally activates at the age middle age; 45 to 55 years. Every month, a deep cushioned wall developed by woman’s uterus that is ready to receive a full fertilized embryo. Woman’s ovary releases one egg each month.  14 days after the egg released, Menstruation starts if the egg is not fertilized,

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Most women have periods after every 28 days and they last for 2 to 7 days. Healthy and average menstrual cycle has ranged from 21 to 35 days. Missed and late periods can be the serious concern for women and one thing comes in their mind that why is my period late. There can be two times in a woman’s life when her period becomes irregular:

  1. When the period first started
  2. When menopause phase starts

If your menstrual cycle is usually regular and now periods have been delayed and irregular then it can become serious matter for you. Missing more than 3 periods in a row and you are getting negative results on pregnancy tests for more than a week then you should visit a doctor for a complete examination to know why your period is late.

Reasons For Late Period

As there are many reasons why periods are late for women. Some of them which are important are:

Weight Issue

Overweight and underweight, both can be a cause of irregular menstruation. A change in eating habits like dieting and overeating disturb the hormones. Many women have eating disorders like anorexia nervosa and bulimia due to which they experience irregular periods. If the BMI is below 18 or 19 then this may disturb the process of ovulation. Generally, incredibly wobbly or missed periods are a sign of serious health issues.

If you get a proper treatment of your eating disorder and put on weight or reduce weight in the suitable and healthy way then you can return to your normal menstruation cycle.


The hypothalamus is a particular area of the brain which is highly affected by stress. A lot of hormones for your period are regulated in this part of the brain. Stress can change your daily routine and it may disturb your hormones as well. Stress can make you ill and ultimately u will lose your health. This all will impact on your menstruation cycle. If you feel that stress is throwing off your period then you must try exercises which make you relax and relieve your stress. It will change your lifestyle and you will get back to your routine.

why is my period late

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Exercise Or Work Too Much

A lot of female athletes or women that do much physical works have late periods or miss periods because they over exercise or work. Just like the mental stress physical stress can also mess up your hormones and therefore your menstrual cycle. If you play sports or do a lot of physical activities this can be the reason why your periods become late.

You Started Or Stopped Birth Control Pills

Whether you are just getting started or decided to stop taking birth control pills your periods might be late because it’s adjusting to the hormones coming and going from your birth control pills. When you start taking the pills your first period will probably come at a different time as usual, after that your body develops a pretty regular routine based on these new hormones. Same goes when you stop taking pills, since your natural hormones need to kick back in making your period late or even not exist for a few months.

why is my period late

You Are Pregnant

As much as you wish and hope and beg and plead and may be even cry you had sex and pregnancy is the possibility because of it. if you had not any period for a while and had unprotected sex, get a pregnancy test to see may be it is the way you are thinking why is my period late.

Irregularity of Thyroid Glands:

Imbalance thyroid may cause a disturbance in periods. Thyroid glands are located in the neck. It regulated your metabolism and interacts with other body systems for smooth flow. Hyper or hypothyroidism can cease your periods and it is all because thyroid imbalance. These issues can be treated with medicines.

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Polycystic Ovary Symptom

Hormonal discrepancy causes the lack of ovulation and due to which women suffer from PCOS. It is a condition in which body produce more male hormones i.e. androgen.  A cyst develops on ovaries. Due to this, menstruation disturbed and women totally miss their periods. If you are suffering from PCOS eggs will remain in ovaries. They will not fertilize there. Another problem associated with PCOS is insulin becomes out of balance. Through proper medication and treatment PCOS can be cured.



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