Why Does It Hurt When I Pee?


why does it hurt when i pee

Sometimes a person feels pain during or after pee that will create a discomfort for a person. It mostly signs towards urine infection like UTI was known as a urinary tract infection and it can be a sexually transmitted infection. “Why does it hurt when I pee”, mostly focus on certain symptoms like a person need to pee but it’s barely anything coming out? Similarly, in some situations a person is required to pee after every few minutes. One of the tensed situations is when there is a discharge of blood with urine, or the color of urine is of light pink color. This can be an alarming situation for a person, and he needs to consult a doctor to know that why such thing is happening or  to know that why does it hurts when I pee. Some other frightening situations might be a robust odor at first pee, which is a morning pee.

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Why Does It Hurt When I Pee?

One of the most known reasons of having pain is the urinary infection, which is known as the name urinary tract infection (UTI). It can occur near a kidney, ureters (these are the tubes, which usually transmits urine from a kidney to the bladder). It can occur near the urethra, which transmits urine from the bladder. UTI usually occurs when there is any bacterial infection and it enters into the urine. When a person is suffering from UTI, he will have the illness, high fever, a smell in urine and increase in urine.

Irritation And Burning

Usually, women experience an irritation and burning when she pees, it is because of using the certain type of soaps, shower gel, toilet tissue paper, and other toiletry products. It usually irritates those tissues which are near a vagina.

Kidney Stones Might Hurt During a Pee

Kidney stones are considered to be one of the major reasons  during a pee. These stones and hard minerals can affect the urinary track which is basically from the kidney till bladder. When a person is trying to urinate, kidney stones  can result in a pain in the back, in the ribs and this pain will spread all over the abdomen till the groin. A person having kidney stones may face such situations as, a high fever, reduce in urine and change in color of urine.

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Vaginal Problem Among Women

One of the major issues faced by women is the vaginal infection. In vaginal infection, yeast infection is one of the most known problems. Women sometimes see a vaginal discharge which is in white or yellow color, and which has a strong odor, also women may feel an irritation during urination. Later this infection turns into an ache skin.

why does it hurt when i pee

Enlarged Prostates Glands

One of the factor why there is pain in urination is because of trouble with the prostate gland. In particular, an enlarged prostate or benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH) can result in painful urination. With 50% of men having an enlarged prostate at age 50 and 75% of eighty year old men having an out sized prostate, the number of guys at threat for pain from this situation is enormous.

This is no matter the truth that urination pain from BPH is not taken into common consideration. In recent researches it is stated that 2% of men who sought treatment for an enlarged prostate did so because of pain. Despite the fact that 2% may additionally appear to be a small number, whilst we recall the huge quantity of people with the conditions of having pain while peeing.

why does it hurt when i pee

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Medical Treatment

When a person faces such condition, he/she should consult a doctor, as soon as possible. In these cases, a doctor usually prescribes antibiotics, which usually helps in curing the unitary tract infection and other bacterial problems. Change your habits in order to avoid pee problems

A person should drink water as much as he can because drinking plenty of water can save a person from many health issues. A person should drink juices as much as he can and eat healthy.



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