Why Do My Nipples Hurt


why do my nipples hurt

Like other parts of a body, nipples are considered to be one of the most sensitive parts of a human body; there are many reasons, which relate to health issues which result in a pain of nipples. Almost 95% of women in a world are facing breast issues, which later turn into breast cancer, whereas about 5% men face breast issues. Nipple problem is most frequently found in women, and they sometimes not able to get the answer to the question that “why do my nipples hurt.” Sometimes it is just because of wearing very close-fitting clothes or sometimes not wearing well-sported garments. Also, it can be painful when a woman is on breastfeeding or she is a pregnant.

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Causes of Nipple Irritation And Pain

The question here arises “why do my nipples hurt” and what is its cause. Having a nipple pain can be irritable and it can affect the daily life routine of a person, some of the main reasons are:

Disturbance In Menstrual Cycle

Many women feel pain or nipple irritation during and after menstrual cycle; this pain can take place even at overnight, this is simply because a woman’s cycle is disturbed or there is some hormonal disturbance or misbalance. Women can simply avoid it by taking less salt in her food during this period. Within a few days, this soreness will be reduced, or it will get normal.

why do my nipples hurt

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Women Is On Breastfeeding Or Pregnant

During pregnancy, a woman’s hormones are not balanced, and there is a change in the cycle, because of which nipple pain is one of the major side effects of pregnancy. Similarly, after giving birth to a child, and when a child is on breastfeeding, a woman usually feels pain in the breast and have nipple irritation, these are one of the most sensitive days for a woman, as she needs to be very careful. Any wrong positions of a child can result in more pain.

Using Wrong Garments

If any women are on exercise, she has to choose a sports bra for her exercise, sometimes women don’t choose a well-supported bra during her work out, because when it is less fitted, the nipple might burnish beside it which will cause roughness. For this reason, a woman should be conscious while purchasing a bra for her.

why do my nipples hurt

Unintentional Injury

If any person got unintentional hit, for example, while feeding a child, sometimes a child hit with a hand or with the arm, this may cause tenderness in nipples. This pain will last longer in a chest. The best method to avoid injury is by putting something warm on it after a sudden injury.

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Breast Cancer

It any person is feeling a continuous pain in her breast, and there is a nipple irritation and redness near the nipple, a person should consult a doctor. Mostly a mammography is done in order to diagnose the breast cancer.  Nowadays, every one-third woman is suffering from different kinds of a breast cancer. One needs to consult a doctor as soon as possible because it overtook a person’s body in a very small time span.

One needs to take this question seriously that “why do my nipples hurt” because many times nipples pain is caused by breast cancer, one of the very rare types of breast cancer is known as the name Paget’s disease. This disease is harmful to the men and women both.



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