All About White Discharge Before Period


white discharge before period

Period or menstrual cycle is a natural process occurred with every girl starting from the age of 10 to 12 years and remains till 5o to 55 years of age, it is a monthly cycle for women and mostly it longs for 7 days and menstrual cycle varies from women to women mostly to have period after every 28 days. Regular cycle is between 24 to 35 days is counted as normal. It happens when body releases tissues that are no longer needed and they come out from the uterus. After every cycle uterus lining gets thick to prepare for the fertilized eggs if females are pregnant, if they are not fertilized then they are released from the body in the form of blood. This whole process is named as periods or menstrual cycle.

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Discharge before Period

Every time before the starting of periods, sometimes white discharge comes out of vagina that women don’t like because of wetness. This is totally a natural phenomena and showing good signs of health if it’s odorless and colorless and if there is not any itching or soreness around vagina. White discharge before period is a form of mucus produced from the neck of womb, medically named as cervix. This is also due to the pregnancy discharge that most women can have during pregnancy. If discharge has a smell or have color then you must need to consult your doctor or gynecologist to get proper treatment.

Normal or Abnormal Discharge

There are few things you need to check whether you are having a normal or abnormal discharge. After knowing all details you can check yourself that if you have normal discharge then you don’t need to worry and if you have abnormal discharge then you need to take action and take proper treatment. More details about normal and abnormal discharge are:

Normal White Discharge before Period

The normal discharge before period is totally colorless odorless and is totally natural and normal, you don’t need to worry at all about it as this white discharge is from uterus and cervix. White discharge is due to the clogging of pelvis, that’s why fluid is like mucus. Before starting the period this clear fluid leak due to the menstruation cycle so too much white or colorless discharge in the period is normal and common in women.

white discharge before period

Abnormal White Discharge before Period

Mostly the white discharge before period is normal but in some cases there is abnormal white discharge that shows some signs of infection or inner problems because the discharge tells the whole story as it has a strong and very bad smell and the color of discharge is also changed, it becomes yellow or green. Some of the common problems and reasons behind them are:

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Vaginal Yeast Infection

Yeast infection is the common infection among women as around 75% of women can have yeast infection once in a life despite of age factor. It is a type of bacteria medically named Candida that is overgrown in the vagina causing infection. There are many reasons and one reason is when the quantity of organisms in vagina is changed. Yeast infections are most expected to be attack before menstrual periods or just after it. There are many reasons why yeast infection is occurred that include medications used for some other problems that also kills the friendly bacteria and yeast will get chance to grow, HIV infection, using steroids, using birth control medication, using tight undergarments that contains humidity and heat are also the main reasons of yeast infection. It can be cured with proper treatment and a medication prescribed by your doctor or gynecologist and mostly infection is recovered in a week or less.

Trichomoniasis Infection

Trichomoniasis infection is caused by having sex with someone as men can become contaminated and pass the infection to their partners through sexual contact. Trichomoniasis is a disease happened by a small organisms named “Trichomonas Vaginalis”. The symptoms in this condition is that discharge has a smell like rotten eggs and color is greenish yellow and discharge is like frothy, pain during urination, itching and irritation in vagina, not feeling comfort during intercourse with partner, pain in lower abdomen are the main symptoms. Normal antibiotic is used to treat the trichomoniasis and sometimes it takes three months for the patient to recover completely and during this period partner will also be treated to prevent both from infection again.


Leucorrhea is also similar like other discharge women can have; mostly it occurred with pregnant women and can have throughout the whole pregnancy. It is thin and milky and white in color and smelling mild. Leucorrhea is normal and you don’t need to worry at all about it. Leucorrhea protects the birth canal from infections and harmful bacteria and maintains the healthy balance of bacteria in the vagina. If the discharge is in brown or pink color then it’s naturally and normal but if the color of the discharge is yellow, greenish or thick and has a smell then you need to consult your doctor because these are the signs of vaginal infection and needs treatment.

white discharge before period

Bacterial Vaginosis

Bacterial vaginosis is also a kind of infection caused by the growth of bad bacteria in the vagina. Normally there are two kinds of bacteria that are good bacteria and bad bacteria, both are present in our body in a specific ratio. The job of good bacteria is to kill the bad bacteria and can control the growth of bad bacteria. When there is some problem in the vagina and bad bacteria is increased and there are less good bacteria then bacterial vaginosis occurred.  This is not a big problem and can be recovered on its own in few days, but you need to consult your doctor to get treatment. The symptoms are grayish white or yellow discharge and smell like fishy.

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Other Kind of Discharge

There are some other kinds of discharge as well women can get experienced before during or after the period or menstrual cycle. All happened due to the changes in the hormones during ovulation process. Some other kinds of discharge are:

  • Blood or Brown Discharge
  • Yellow or Green
  • Watery and clean
  • Stretchy and colorless
  • Brown discharge

The final conclusion is that if you have white discharge before period or brown discharge then it is natural and normal and you don’t need to worry about it but if the discharge is different then you need to consult the doctor and get proper treatment.



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