Reasons Behind The White Blood Cells In Urine


white blood cells in urine

The function of the WBCs is to kill all the infections present in a human body. Usually, there are just a few of the cells in the urine. This is because the kidney does not filter them. However, there are a few cases when a good amount of WBCs is found during urination. Find out what causes the white blood cells in urine.

Why are there White Blood Cells in Urine?

Often, we can find leukocytes in urine. Now, there are a number of possibilities for this and some of the most common reasons are explained below.

Infection of the Bladder:

In some cases, trace leukocytes in urine mean that you have an infection in the bladder. The infection irritates the lining and as a result, the white blood cells enter the bladder. The symptoms of a bladder infection include pain in the bladder, a burning sensation during urination, and frothy urine. Bladder infection is more commonly known as cystitis and is quite common in adolescent boys. Furthermore, the condition is also common in adult women. In order to treat this problem, you need to drink a good amount of fluids and also take antibiotics prescribed by the doctor. It is also important to know that pregnancy problems, bladder issues and sexual intercourse increases the risk of the infection.

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Infection of the Urinary Tract:

white blood cells in urine

If you see white cells in urine, then it could also mean that you have an infection in the urinary tract. This infection of the urinating system takes place when the bacteria from your stool travels all the way up to the urethra. This mostly happens during urination or also during sexual intercourse. As a result, you will be able to see white blood cells in urine along with pain and burning sensation during the process of urination. In order to treat this infection, you need to keep your body hydrated well and also take antibiotics.

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Infection of the Kidney:

white blood cells in urine

The infection of the kidney is more commonly called pyelonephritis. It is dangerous to leave this kind of infection untreated as it can lead to serious health issues. There are a number of reasons that lead to an infection in the kidneys. The bacteria start to spread up to the uterus from the bladder and enter into the kidney. As a result, kidney dysfunction takes place and the white blood cells start to leave the body through the urine. A kidney infection can also take place if there is a urethral or kidney stone in your kidneys. The stone slows down the passage of urine from the urinary tract. As a result, the urine that gets trapped within the kidneys starts to be infected and then WBCs populate the area. In the case of a kidney infection, you will feel pain in the flank area, burning sensation during urination, urinating more often and foamy urine. In order to treat the infection, you have to take antibiotics continuously for a prescribed time in order for it to get rid of the symptoms and fight the infection.

There are a lot of other reasons because of which you might see the white blood cells in urine. These include medications, disorders of the blood, a few kinds of cancers, such as kidney and prostate cancer.

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