What is MCH in Blood Test? Everything You Need to Know About It


what is mch in blood test

It is easy to understand that MCH is something which is something that is found inside the human body. When you get your blood tested, you see many things on the blood test reports and one of those things is MCH. So if you want to know what is MCH in blood test reports, in this article you will find everything that you need to know!

What is MCH?

MCH stands for Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin. The term itself had been derived from Latin origin. Whenever you get your blood tested, you wonder what is MCH in blood test. MCH is actually concerned with the entire oxygen carrying blood cells count in the blood. There is an average level of MCH which is required to be present in the blood. Low MCH or High MCH levels will either ways be problematic.

MCH in Blood Test

MCH is one of the components that you can find inside the blood. When you get your blood reports, you get a complete blood count which is known as the CBC. The CBC in turn has various blood components including the white blood cells, platelets and the Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin. The blood count for red blood cells which are the RBC’s is generally higher than the MCH because the red blood cells are larger in size and occupy more space whereas the MCH are smaller.

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What is The Purpose of Hemoglobin In The Blood?

The purpose of Hemoglobin in the blood is to carry and transfer the oxygen from the lungs, where it is primarily generated, to other parts of the body. It is therefore a very important blood cell and is vital for the efficient functioning of each body part. Increase or decrease in the optimal levels of Hemoglobin will result in serious health problems, including a number of different types of deficiencies and persistent body problems as well.

what is mch in blood test

What is MCH in Blood Test Means?

If you are wondering what is MCH in blood test, there are two ways to separately identify and interpret it. MCH can either be low or high and it should be interpreted on basis of its count in the blood.

Interpreting High Levels of MCH in The Blood Test

High levels of MCH in the blood are caused by a number of factors. The major reason however for high levels of MCH in the blood is a condition known as Macrocytic anemia. In this condition, the body fails to generate sufficient amounts of red blood cells in the body and the HB which is produced is of such a big size that it ends up taking up most of the space in the blood vessels. A common reason for this disorder to happen is lack of folic acid or a vitamin called b3 complex. The high levels of MCH in blood mean that the results are above 33 points. High levels of MCH results in causing many serious ailments that are accompanied with a series of symptoms such as fatigues, palpitations and accelerated heart rate.

Interpreting Low Levels of MCH in The Blood Test

When the blood test shows the MCH to be lower than 26 it is termed as being low. When MCH is low, it means the structure is distorted and leads to serious lack of iron in the body.

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