What Does Implantation Feel Like


what does implantation feel like

What is Implantation

Implantation is the early signs of pregnancy when sperms fertilizes the eggs of women then they become embryo, then it travels to the uterus where it embeds itself into the lining. Sometimes when embryo attached with uterus then there is light bleeding that is of pink or brown color. Bleeding doesn’t affect the baby that will develop. There is no need to worry about it and no need any treatment. It happened six to twelve days after conception. Little bit cramping is common in implantation but heavy bleeding or fever, extreme cramping or chills are the symptoms when you need to consult your doctor or gynecologist for proper medication and treatment or pregnancy test will help you getting the whole situation.

What Does Implantation Feel Like

Pregnant women can have bleeding and cramping after early pregnancy and it is just like period cramping and mostly women cannot understand whether they have menstrual periods or the early signs of pregnancy. Following are the typical signs that implantation takes place or not are:

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Implantation Cramping

The most common and easy symptom to check implantation is cramps in lower abdomen. Implantation cramping is not like menstrual period but it is soft and mild in nature and last for very short time between 10 minutes to one day. But if it is severe and intense and go along with nausea, increase in body temperature and faintness then you have to consult doctor for checkup and treatment as sometimes these are the symptoms of miscarriage.

what does implantation feel like

Changes in Body Temperature

After the implantation there is slightly change in body temperature and is raised a bit and it is also the way to find out about pregnancy. This is the natural phenomena as after pregnancy the flow of blood in the body is increased that can boost the metabolism rate of body causes increase in body temperature to feel less cold. Mostly temperature rises by one degree centigrade by normal temperature of pregnant women.

Changes in Urination Behavior

After pregnancy there will be a changing in urination behavior of women as frequent urination is seen and this will happen because there are some internal changes as new coming baby needs some place to grow inside the body. When baby is formed inside then it will set pressure on bladder and due to that pressure women will urinate more. One other reason for the changes in urination behavior is changes in hormones causing the blood to flow more through kidneys and when more blood flows this lead to extra fast process in kidneys and women need to urinate more than regular.

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Changes in Breasts

As there is a rapid and lot of changes in hormones in the body so after implantation changes in breast is also occurred in the early days of pregnancy in the form of tenderness, swelling and soreness. After about twelve weeks of pregnancy there are changes in the skin of nipple and areola as they may become dark and size of the breast also increases and there may be some yellowish thick milk coming out that is the special milk for baby after birth and have lot of qualities that are very good for the health of baby to fight with germs.

Changes in Eating Behavior

For getting the answer of what does implantation feel like one other feeling is changing in the eating behavior, after pregnancy changes takes place in the hormones of body so they might changed the mouth taste and changes in taste buds resulting the changes in liking and disliking of different foods. All this happens after three or four months after implantation. For better health of both mother and baby you need to take fruit and juices to overcome the deficiencies in the body of mother.

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Spotting Blood

The most common sign of implantation is to check the blood that comes out of uterus due to implantation. If the blood come out early from vagina and takes only few hours then color of blood is pink and if it takes days to come out from uterus to vagina then their color is changed and then their color become brown. Bleeding is light and if the bleeding is heavy then it shows that your menstrual cycle is going to start.

what does implantation feel likeMissed Period

One of the most common and main sign to check whether you are pregnant or not is missing periods. Along with other signs mention above if you don’t have periods then there are strong chances that you are pregnant and needs to take a pregnancy test so that afterwards take essential steps to have safe and healthy pregnancy. The most accurate time to test pregnancy is day after missed periods and then check again after some days for clarification. If you missed more than one period then you need to consult a gynecologist for proper checkup and medical examination to confirm the pregnancy or some other issues why periods are missed.

Vomiting and Hot Flashes

Vomiting, hot flashes and changes in blood pressure are also the signs of implantation but they are not very common but happened with some women. It occurred at the start of implantation and duration is from one minute to one hour usually caused by the hormonal changes in the body or the flow of blood in the body is changed causing these problems.

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what does implantation feel like

After knowing all the details mention above hope you get all details about what is Implantation and what does implantation feel like and what are the signs and symptoms of pregnancy and what steps need to be taken in what conditions.



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