What Does a Blood Clot Feel Like If You Have?


what does a blood clot feel like

A blood clot is severe and life threatening issue which can damage your veins. Many people from different countries are encountered with this big problem in every year. You must consult with your doctor if you even find any little sign of blood clotting in your body. But unfortunately, the symptoms of blood clotting are changes time to time. It is also possible that you will face this issue without finding any symptoms in your body. Here we describe some main point about what does a blood clot feel like which will help you to find it and treat in time to save your life.

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What Is The Blood Clot?

The changing condition of liquid blood into the stable state of blood is called blood clot. Clotting is an important process in that case if you met with an accident or cut any of your veins. But always it does not dissolve in liquid blood by own and proves very dangerous for you even can take your life.

Symptoms Of Blood Clotting

Read about the main symptoms which may cause the blood clotting.

Leg Blood Clotting

Deep Vein Thrombosis or DVT is the central veins of the human body in which mostly blood clot find. Your legs and the hip area are the most common area for it to occur quickly. What does a blood clot feel like if you found it in your legs? Such kind of clotting will not seriously harm you in any aspects. Swelling, redness and feeling pain are the more usually signs which can prove that you have a blood clot in your legs. You don’t need to take tension about the clot in your legs because it is not much harmful to you. You can easily get rid with exercise or taking some rest.

what does a blood clot feel like

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Causes of DVT

Generally DVT is caused by the combination of these factors.

Sluggish Blood Flow

This can be from immobility due to bed rest, surgery or hospitalization. A tendency for a persons blood to clot quickly which may occur due to genetics or cancer.

Symptoms of Possible DVT

Symptoms of DVT and Pulmonary Embolism can develop slowly or suddenly. If you have any of these symptoms consult your doctor immediately.

  • Swelling of one leg
  • Pain or tenderness in one leg.
  • Warm skin when you touch it.
  • Change in the color of leg

Symptoms of Pulmonary Embolism

If you have these problems contact your doctor immediately.

  • Shortness in breath
  • Chest pain while breathing
  • Blood come when coughing
  • Feeling of apprehension
  • Sudden collapse

Factors Involved In DVT and PE

Some of the major factors involved in the DVT or PE are:

  • Major Surgery
  • Major Injuries to the leg
  • Cancer or its treatment
  • Pregnancy
  • Using of Birth control pills.
  • Genetics history.
  • Obesity

Blood Clot In Your Brain

The blood clots which are in your heart or the in the neck can easily travel to your brain and can cause a stroke. In this case, you will feel weakness and burden on the one side of your body. What does a blood clot feel like when your brain start stuck due to the substantial form of blood? You will face a little bit difficult to speak openly and also your vision disturbed badly. In brain blood clotting you may not feel any pain else the headache.

what does a blood clot feel like

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Chest Blood Clotting

No doubt that the blood clot more commonly found in legs but the other parts of your body can also affect by this issue. If this will occur in the arteries and damage the flow system of blood, then the results will be in the dangerous form of heart attack. If not so then it can easily travel to your lungs and can spoil them quickly. Both conditions are very worst which can end the days of your life. When you feel continuously pain in your chest them alarming point for you that there is something must be wrong, and you should check it. If you are facing chest pain due to wheezing, then it is a sign of asthma.

what does a blood clot feel like

Prevention for Blood Clotting

Some are the points you keep in mind and you become healthy and remain healthy and these can prevent you from clotting of blood in your body which are:

  • Remain active or do some physical activities.
  • If you cant do physical activities, often walk frequently or move your legs and body parts.
  • Never Smoke or quit smoking if you are a smoker.
  • Maintain normal body weight and don’t become over weight.

When Need a Doctor

Discuss with your doctor if you think to have the tiny chance of blood clotting in your body. What does a blood clot feel like if you have the first time in your body? Don’t take the stress and immediately go to your doctor and starts your treatment to get rid of this life hacking problem.

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