The Early Signs of Autism in Babies


signs of autism in babies

Autism is a Neuro behavioral condition which is a very complex disease. This disease appears in early stages and early childhood. It causes interruptions in basic developmental areas like playing, talking, interaction and learning. This disease damages communication skills of babies and toddlers. Babies show repetitive and rigid behaviors.

These type of babies have trouble in understanding what others feel and think. They have difficulty in expressing themselves through gestures, words, touch and facial expressions. Things that are normal to others seems disturbing to them and even painful like sound, smell, sight and touch. Recent reports show that 1 out of every 68 children is diagnosed with autism.

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The early signs and symptoms vary extensively and their effects also. Some autistic babies have minor impairments whereas others have severe hindrances to overcome. Researchers show that parents should keenly observe the signs of autism in babies when they are 4 months old. These children lack normal behavior in their personality.

Parents should be careful and watch whether their child is achieving developmental milestones or not. There are few things which must be observed by parents:

  • Whether their child is showing interest towards faces or not
  • Whether their baby feels comfortable in eye contact
  • Respond to sound or not
  • Either a baby reacts to any sounds or noises
  • 12 months old and not pointing towards anything.
  • Mostly remain quiet and not speak a single words at 16 months age
  • 2 yrs old and not even speak 2 phrases like want more sit down etc
  • Baby is allowed to cuddle or not
  • Baby respond to baby games or not.
  • Either child participates in  verbal and nonverbal communication
  • Relating world and other people around them or not
  • Is there any flexibility in their behavior or not

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Autism is very difficult to diagnose before 24 months. Symptoms of this disorder often remain beneath the surface till 18 months. If symptoms and signs are discovered at 18 months, then medical treatment can be given and therapy of a child is started. The earliest symptom is that baby remains quiet, never make a noise, undemanding and being independent. Usually parents make a mistake and they think that their child is a very good baby. But they are wrong. They should observe their child’s behavior keenly.

signs of autism in babies

Symptoms and Signs of Autism in Babies:

  • Use facial expressions that are opposite to what they are saying
  • Speaking in abnormal voice tone that has odd rhythm
  • Remain unaware what is going around them
  • They refer themselves as the third person in conversation
  • Avoiding eye contact
  • Don’t involve in group games, group play and pretended games
  • Can’t express feelings and feel difficulty when they are going to explain their emotions.
  • Don’t share their toys, food, drawings, achievements and rewards with others.
  • Don’t hear to others when people talk to them
  • Repeat the question instead of answering it
  • Unusual reaction given by them towards smell, touch, sound and texture etc.
  • Show resistance towards any change in their routine and schedule
  • Engage them in a self-injury like hitting and biting them.

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Parents should educate themselves to observe in their children what is normal and what is abnormal. Parents are in best position to note their child each and every action and reaction because they live with their child 24 hours . They know their child better than anyone. Your child doctor-pediatrician can be the best partner of a child. But parent’s responsibility will remain on the top to evaluate their child behavior. With the help of a pediatrician, parents can find the best way to help their child in overcoming this order.



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