How To Make Your Period Come Faster


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Periods or menstrual cycle is a natural phenomena through which every women go through every month on specific dates, mostly women can’t take it serious but there are some women who are not feeling comfortable having periods specially when she have a plan to go out with friends or family or there may be some event or gathering so they want to get the answer and solutions of fast and regular periods to overcome the tension by having period at wrong time. You can speed up your menstrual cycle time and get the solution of your issue “how to make your period come faster” by different ways which are:

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Overcome Your Stress

First of all you need to relax and never stress yourself as stress lead to the delay in menstrual cycle. During stress there are some hormonal changes in the body that disturb the menstruation. To relax yourself you need to b happy by watching your favorite programs, chat with friends, walk and deep breathe early morning in open air and do some exercise to engage your mind in healthy activities. More healthy activities means more chances of getting periods to come faster.

how to make your period come faster

Reduce Your Weight

According to the research it is proved that women with overweight have more problems in menstrual cycle then the women having normal weight or are smart. So one solution to make your period come faster and frequent you need to reduce weight if over weighted and gain some weight if you are too slim then you have proper and fast menstrual cycle and also free from many other diseases. Some of the ways to reduce weight are exercises and drink lot of water, eat green food like salad fruits etc.

Take Vitamin C

Taking Vitamin C more than normal also leads to faster period because it can contract the uterus causing increase chances of having fast menstrual cycle. Taking vitamin C more than normal means take some extra but not too much because it may cause some problems for you. Pregnant women need to consult with their physician or gynecologist before taking vitamin C because excessive use can lead to miscarriage. Some fruits with more vitamin C are papaya, kiwi, orange, lemon, tomatoes etc.

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Use Natural Herbs

There is lot of herbs and daily use things that are helpful in getting your periods faster that include green tea, ginger tea with honey and parsley tea. These natural herbs can balance the hormonal changes in the body that causes the late period. Many women found parsley tea more helpful in getting period faster and on regular dates.

how to make your period come faster 

Take Hot Bath

Taking hot bath is also very helpful in getting period faster as hot water can relax the muscles of the body which can remove the mental and physical stress and increases heat in the body causes the blood to flow from vagina. Heating pads also work same like hot water bath, it increases the heat in the body which expands the blood vessels and blood will flow fast.

how to make your period come faster

Have Sex

Having intercourse with your husband also helps in having fast periods because during intercourse blood will flow towards genitals and arouse the vagina to contract. After having sexual activity body muscles are relaxed that will help in shedding the uterus lining. Having sex also softens the cervix of women and all this happens due to the involvement of hormones in it.

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Take Medication

If you try everything mentioned above and didn’t get any result then the best solution for how to make your period faster is to consult a physician or gynecologist and get some medication for your problem. Some women use birth control pills for having periods faster but sometimes this may also cause problems for you, so having any medication without prescription can lead to severe side effects.



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