How To Get Rid of Butt Acne Fast


how to get rid of butt acne

When the summer time arrived and the bikinis get taken out, nothing is more embarrassing than acne on your butts. Don’t hide behind the beach cover ups so nobody can see your acne buttocks. You must start finding a solutions for how to get rid of butt acne. Butt acne can be of different sizes. It has different colors and annoying level. Most of the people don’t even have the idea how to deal with it. Although it is not visible and obvious to people like pimples on the face. Still is very unpleasant for people because it makes the life miserable.

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Causes of Butt Acne

Following are the causes of butt acne in people.

  • Tight Clothing in Summers

Tight clothing which is unbreathable is a major cause of butt acne. If you spend a too much time in tight lingering in your workplace or at the gym, then building up of sebum, sweat in your skin and dead cells are combined with the moist tightly fit clothes and bacteria is imprisoned  against your skin. This will cause serious irritation which will increase with the passage of time and eventually cause acne.

  • Dry Skin Problem

Dry skin is a major problem for most of the people nowadays. This causes the pimples to appear on the very sensitive part of the body i.e. butts. Dry skin can be a cause of folliculitis. Usually, people don’t care about moisturizing their butts. The pores on the dry skin become easily clog. As your bum is in direct contact with clothes so it is more inclined to irritation.

  • Sweating

If you don’t change your clothes after your office and workout then there is a great chance to grow acne on the butt. Because you are providing the bacteria with the best environment to grow and reproduce. This happens when you wear tight clothes through which air can’t pass easily. Staying long in gym clothes and don’t change them will keep the bacteria and sweat rest against your skin. After that they enter into your pores and list of problems will start.

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  • Health Problems

Butt pimples occur due to other health problems like the unstable digestive system, abnormal hormones, and diabetes. This all happens because of a sedentary lifestyle. Allergies can be a cause of butt acne if all of the above causes are absent in your life.

Types of Pimples Grown on Your Butt

  • Folliculitis

Folliculitis is present on the skin surface. It’s very shallow little pus type thing on the bum. This type of acne is more irritating than painful.

  • Carbuncles

They are also known as boils. These are just like more painful pus knots deep inside your skin. It is more like acne cyst. This happens when folliculitis becomes out of control and emerged as infection.

How to get rid of acne on butts?

Following are the remedies for buttocks acne.

  • Use Cotton Swab and Iodine

Apply iodine on pimples and clean it with a cotton swab. This has to be done twice a day.

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  • Use Acne Body Wash for Treatment

Use acne fighting body washes for treatment. Other treatment can be cyclical acid, alpha hydroxyl or benzoyl peroxide. These all fight against bacteria and folliculitis. It will dry out skin. If it becomes too dry use light moisturizer that has lactic acid.

  • Tea Tree or Coconut Oil

Treat with coconut and tea tree oil because they are anti-bacterial and are best natural oils for different problems including butt acne.

  • Hot Towel

Sit on a hot towel or damp towel for 20 to 25 minutes before a bath. It may help to open your pores and toxins can be removed from body. It will help you to scrub the dry and dead skin away from your body.

  • Use Fresh Fruits

Eat seasonal fresh fruits so it can also help to clear the skin and make your skin healthy specially grapes can make your skin healthy and clean and clear, also try to eat fresh fruits that are available in the season.There are also some other ways to get rid of butt acne like scrub lemon and ice on acne, or try scrub the garlic on acne to get better results.

how to get rid of butt acne

  • Clothing

Wear breathable and loose clothes in summer and change your clothes right after a workout. Try to wear clothes that are loose and air can easily pass through so your body and skin can get fresh air and you are free from searching the solutions of how to get rid of butt acne.

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  • Natural Remedies

Drink a mixture of water and cream of tartar. Also drink a handsome amount of water daily mainly in summer so that this will help you to flush out the body toxins and when toxins are removed from the body then automatically it can help you control acne.



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