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how to get rid of acne

Pimples and acne are the most common problems for the young generation and effected about 80% of generation around the world and everyone can pass through this problem in their whole life at some stage and then needs to know about how to get rid of acne. Actually pimples and acne both are related to same category of skin conditions usually start with the beginning of teenage life. Both conditions are disturbing for the person as it can affect the features of face which no one wants. To find out more about the acne and pimple first of all you need to know about the difference between these two.

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Difference Between Acne and Pimples

Many people are confused about what exactly is the difference between acne and pimples so to know the answer and eliminate the confusion we first need to understand basically what is acne and what are the pimples.

What is Acne?

When sebum, dead skin cells and hair follicles gather and form a block, and when this block is infected with bacteria then red bumps appear on infected skin named as acne. It can be appear mostly on face and or on neck, shoulders, chest and back. Acne is divided into two types named as acne vulgaris and acne rosacea. Acne vulgaris is seen in children during teenage and acne rosacea is seen in adults. It is due to the hormonal changes and genetics factors are also involved in it. Mostly acne doesn’t need any treatment and need to take some important steps to keep your skin clean and take a healthy food but if conditions are severe then you need proper medical treatment.

What is a Pimple?

When a skin pores are blocked by the dead skin cells and bacteria then pimples appeared on face in the form of red colored, swollen and filled with pus. Sometime it also project out in the form of white and black tips named as pustules or whiteheads and comedones or blackheads. Like acne pimples also recovers itself and no need any treatment but if conditions are severe then needs medical treatment. Getting rid of pimples is another topic which is discussed at “how to get rid of pimples”.

how to get rid of acne

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Tips Before Use

Before using any tips and techniques to get rid of acne problem you have to take care of some points for better result and it prevents you from having loss and any misconceptions. Some of them are:

  • Do not start using any cream or thing without knowing their ingredients and facts that it will suit your skin or not. If you have sensitive skin then proper care is taken while using anything for acne treatment. If you feel any itching or burning sensation then consult your family doctor or dermatologist.
  • Once you got the problem of acne then you need to have patience because acne cannot disappear very early or you think it will go overnight then it’s not possible. With some patience and with proper treatment you can get rid of acne easily.
  • Don’t start using acne treatments together, instead start one tip or treatment at a time for at least one month. If you don’t see any progress then change the treatment until you gets results.
  • Wash your face regularly with water so that bacteria will flush out and your skin remains clean for more time.
  • Before using any over the counter medicines must consult the doctor for proper prescription. Apply sunscreen if you use any medicines containing chemicals because they might be harmful for you when in contact with sun.

How to Get Rid of Acne

There are many ways and techniques used to get rid of acne which includes changing in daily life routine and avoid some things for better results and one way is to use home remedies that we use in our daily life and last one is through medical treatment and with the help of dermatologist. Details about these ways are:

By Changing Habits

First of all it is very important to know that by avoiding some habits you can stay away from acne problem and by doing some simple steps in your daily routine will help you to become fresh and stay away from having acne or pimples problems that are:

  • Drink a lot of water

Water is the best thing we use in our daily life and named as best detoxifier for the toxins we consume daily. Drinking at least ten to fourteen glass of water daily is very helpful in removing the toxins from the body and cleanses the skin. It s also helpful in many other diseases, so take enough water daily for better health and better skin.

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  • Take a Good Sleep

By taking at least 6 to 8 hour sleep is the best way to relax your body and it is the best detoxification process for the body. When you sleep well and take a good sleep then ability of body to refurbish its skin cells increases and you stay away from having skin problems. So first of all adjust your sleep and make a schedule to sleep minimum 8 hours for better health.

  • Take Healthy Food

One of the reasons behind skin problems is taking highly oily foods in our daily routine in the form of junk foods and other foods that we ate at hotels and restaurants. These foods contain lot of oil that can increase the oil in our body that results in the form of acne. For this you have to make a proper schedule of what to eat and what not to eat and also take a good food like fruits, vegetables, whole grains and salads that help the skin to stimulate and also stop the needless oil production in the body, also avoid taking lot of junk foods and fizzy drinks.

  • Exercise Daily

By doing exercise regularly can discharge endorphins that can lower the stress level and can also decreases the extra oil creation in the body. While doing exercise sweat releases from the body that helps in cleaning the dead cells from the body. For better health and skin do exercise at least thirty minute to one hour daily that helps you to decrease the chances of having acne.

  • Stay away from Stress

Stay away from stress and give your body sometime to relax is also helpful in staying away from skin problems like acne and pimples. When body is not relaxed and you take stress it leads to production of sebum. To relax your body and mind do your favorite things like putting, reading books, playing some games etc.

Some other ways

Along with the ways mentioned above there are many other ways and regular doing things you can adopt to stay away from acne which are.

  • Don’t rub or scratch your acne as it can increase the problem by bringing in more bacteria and conditions become worse.
  • If you are makeup lover then avoid using makeup which contains oils and it is recommended to avoid using makeup because it can clogged the pores of skin. If it’s necessary then use oil free or oil free minerals makeup and also clean your tools before using makeup every time.
  • Wash your towels and pillow case and any other cloth that are in contact with your face to avoid increasing bacteria.
  • Taking shower daily or twice daily can keep you away from skin problems by diminishing bacteria, dead skin cells and oils from the body. It is best to take shower with warm water after exercise.

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Using Home Remedies

Home remedies for the treatment of acne has been used for very long times and mostly peoples get results in a short time and it is very effective and cheap way to get rid of acne. Some of the best home remedies for the treatment of acne are:

Use Fenugreek Leaves

Fenugreek herb is used for the treatment of acne due to its healing, anti inflammatory and best antioxidant properties. Ways to use fenugreek to get rid of acne are:

  • Take a fenugreek leaves and grind them to make powder then add some drops of hot water in it and then apply the paste onto the face directly and leave it till it dries. Then wash your face with warm water.

how to get rid of acne

Use Indian Lilac or Neem

Indian lilac or common named Neem leaves are considered as best antiseptic and anti bacterial remedy for the treatment of acne. It is used with the combination of other things to get awesome results. It is best for the treatment of eczema scars. Some of the ways to use are:

  • Indian Lilac with Turmeric

Combination of lilac leaves and turmeric is powerful anti bacterial and anti inflammatory paste that is very helpful in acne problem. Make a paste of lilac leaves and turmeric and rose water according to need and apply it on face and leave it for 15 minutes then wash your face with warm water.

  • Indian Lilac and Sandalwood

Combination of these two helps in decreasing the redness, swelling and soreness of acne and sandalwood absorbs the extra oil from the skin. For this make a paste of sandal wood and lilac leaves and rose water and then apply it on face. Leave it till it dries then wash face with warm water.

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  • Indian Lilac and Aloe Vera

Combination of these two helps in reducing the pain and swelling of acne and pimples and it is very useful in clearing the acne scars from face. Make a paste of Indian lilac leaves and Aloe Vera and then apply it on face until it dries and rinse it off with warm water.

You can also apply Indian lilac leaves oil which is available in the market and use that oil for the treatment of acne.

how to get rid of acneFuller’s Earth or Multani Matti

Fuller’s earth or Multani matti is used by mostly people around the world mostly girls for not only the treatment of acne but also improves the complexion because it can absorb the oil from the skin and cannot over dry your skin and also unblock the skin pores from bacteria. Ways to use are:

  • Make a paste with mixing equal amount of fuller’s earth, rose water and sandal wood powder. Apply the paste directly on face and leave it till it dries then wash your face with warm water. Repeat the process twice a week for better result.

how to get rid of acne

Some other home remedies to get rid of acne used and tried by many people around the world and getting results are:

  1. Oatmeal
  2. Lemon juice
  3. Baking soda
  4. Tea tree oil
  5. Orange peel
  6. Aloe vera
  7. Witch Hazel
  8. Chamomile
  9. Aspirin
  10. Echinacea
  11. Mint
  12. Honey
  13. Green Tea

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By Medical Treatment

Last but not the least way of treatment to get rid of acne is by using medical treatment. If you are having a severe kind of acne problem then must consult with dermatologist and ask her for medical treatment that suits your skin. But keep in mind that taking medical treatment also may cause some kind of side effects. Some common treatments used for treatment are as follows:

  • Use Prescribed Medicines

There are lot of medicines with very good results is available in the market used for curing acne used for severe cases. Mostly dermatologist can prescribe birth control pills to normalize the hormones in the body responsible for the acne.

  • Laser Treatment

One way to get rid of acne is by having laser treatment which is painful but can remove your acne up to 70%. Dermatologist can use lasers to kill glands that produce oil under the skin.

  • By Facial Peel

A special gel is used for facial that can remove the dead skin and bacteria from the pores of skin and make your skin fresh and decrease your acne very to get rid of acne

  • Medical Facial

There is lot of medical facial available now days which helps you to get rid of acne. There are different masks, extraction tools and cleansers used to diminish the acne.

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This is all about how to get rid of acne with the treatments mostly used around the world and people are cured by applying these things. Along with above mentioned ways take care of your health and eat well and drink a lot of water and live a healthy life by remaining near to nature and explore nature.



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