Find Out How To Get Rid Of a Runny Nose?


how to get rid of a runny nose

There are many health causes which results in a running nose. It can last for a  few days or for many days, which makes a person fed up, and tend to ask himself that How to get rid of a runny nose? A runny nose can be due to allergies, cold, headache and tonsils pain. Mostly it occurs when nasal tissues get peeved or inflamed. Some people have a runny nose for not any ostensible reason; they only got a runny nose because of VMR (vasomotor rhinitis) or non-allergic rhinitis. One of the most common reasons is cold, in winters mostly those people, who are sensitive enough to handle the cold get affected by it. Sometimes it lasts a whole winter, because a person’s body is weak enough to handle the cold. Sometimes a person have certain type of allergies, which results in a continuous runny nose throughout a year, some of the most dangerous conditions are deviated septum which is a form of most hazardous illness or allergies. Sometimes a person is stressed out, or he/she cried a lot, that also will results in a runny nose. In some rare cases, in pregnancy a person can have a runny nose too.

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How To Get Rid Of a Runny Nose?

Some people who are having continuously runny nose ask this question from their doctors that How to get rid of a runny nose”, because this is one of the most annoying factor for anyone. There are many methods of getting rid of a running nose. Some of the most useful methods are:

Take a Proper Medicine

Consult your doctor, use the prescribed medicine for the pre-determined time period, and complete the medicine course. Sometimes people don’t complete the medical course and complaint about the running nose. During, on medicine, a person should:

  • Clean your nose after a definite interval
  • Do a message of your eyes and nose with a warm oil
  • Use sprays that are prescribed by doctors
  • Massage your ears and apply olive oil outside your ears

Other Useful Home Base Remedies

Take a Steam Regularly

A person should take a steam every night before going to sleep. Every night takes a steam for about ten minutes. This will help in reducing the flue. Steam can clean the nose and it gives relaxation to nose tissues and in result nostrils become open and it also gives good feelings.

how to get rid of a runny nose

Use a Mustard Oil

Heat a mustard oil for a few seconds, when it is warm enough, put it into nose by using a dropper. This will helps in reducing the nose irritation and also give relief from stuffy nose and fluids will start flowing and it gives good feelings as in runny nose main tension is stuffy nose and blocked nostrils.

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Use of Ginger

One can use ginger to cure runny nose, ginger is used for runny nose from very old times and it is best ingredients for flu cold and for runny nose and can help the victim in many different ways. You can chew a raw ginger, which will help in curing the runny nose; similarly, you can also use it by boiling it in a water and later adding a one spoon of honey in it. This will become a type of tea, which you can drink for 2-3 times in a day.

how to get rid of a runny nose

Using a Garlic Soup

Garlic is also best known for curing a running nose. One can use it by adding 3-4 cloves of garlic in water and by boiling it later add a spoon of sugar in it, drink this soup, twice a day.

Best Home Remedy For Runny Nose

Take some pieces of garlic, ginger, green chilies, some pieces of tomato and onions and fry all the stuff in pan with some oil until its little bit brown and take this dish with lunch and dinner with other normal routine dishes as it helps the immune system and its the best remedy for flu cold and runny nose, the best time to take this remedy when winter start and take 3 or 4 times in whole winter and you will notice that it helps you very much and protect you from many health problems.

By taking a Hot Shower

One can take a hot shower, in order to drain all noses during a bath and due to the hot water it helps in opening the nostrils and make you feel good as best thing for a person who has flu or runny nose is that his nostrils become open.These are some method which will guide you that “how to get rid of a running nose”.

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how to get rid of a runny nose

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