How Many Teeth Do We Have?


how many teeth do we have

The mouth is a small part of our anatomy, it has filled with many players and parts, and all of them work together to help us drink, eat and have a beaming smile. Meanwhile, not all teeth are visible even your smile is so wide but it is difficult to count how many teeth a person has without a proper examination. You will be probing that how many teeth do you have or whether you have too little or too many teeth in your mouth. A person has two sets of teeth in the lifetime:

  • Temporary teeth: There are 20 deciduous teeth that fell off eventually in a nearly stage
  • Permanent teeth: There are 32 permanent teeth

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An Incredible Journey of Teeth

There are a variety of teeth inside your mouth. They all perform different functions. All teeth made up of same fibers and tissues. These keep your teeth in a proper place so that they perform their task properly. Your gums hold teeth firmly and detained in place. Gums are the pink tissues which are very soft. They are so visible when you smile because they are found in your teeth. Crown of the tooth has emerged from the gum and it is made up from Enamel which is a hard, shiny substance. It has protected our teeth. Dentin lies below the enamel which is is hard in texture and very largest part of the tooth. It helps to protect the pulp of teeth. The pulp is twisted in the root and reach to cementum beneath the gum line. Cementum is basically consisted of the root of the tooth. It is located in that place where tooth affixed to the jaw bone.

There are 4 different types of teeth in your mouth namely,

  • Incisors
  • Canines
  • Premolars
  • Molars

How Many Teeth Do Child Has In The Mouth?

Having teeth in child’s mouth is depend on upon their age. Children started their teething session at the age of six months. The terms used for this kind of early teeth are milky teeth, primary teeth or baby teeth. They are also called deciduous teeth why because they are eventually fall out like the autumn tree leaves.

Most children have maximum 20 teeth; 10 on bottom and 10 on top.  They include:

  • 4 canines (another name is eye teeth)
  • 8 Incisors
  • 8 Molars
  • Milky teeth started to fall at the age of 6 and they are slowly replaced by secondary teeth till age 12.

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how many teeth do We have

How Many Teeth Do The Adults Have?

Adults have more teeth than children on average. Mostly, adults have 32 teeth in their mouth. They include

  • 4 Canines
  • 12 Molars (4 wisdom tooth are included in it)
  • 8 Premolars (another name for them is bicuspids)

Most of the people when they reach their teenage they have complete adult teeth. Generally, on an average basis, 4 wisdom teeth appear at the age of 18 or around 18. It is very common in adults that they have removed their wisdom tooth because there is not enough space for them in the mouth to accommodate. They need a large space to grow comfortably and they cause misalignment of teeth. Sometimes, these extra molars are not completely and fully emerged from the jaw and cause the infection which is very painful for people.

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how many teeth do we haveTeeth require proper care on daily basis. Brushing teeth regularly and twice a day is a very healthy activity for teeth. Dental floss should be used right after every meal. Everyone should make a routine visit to the family dentist to ensure that they are healthy and you enjoy a great food and drink with them. You need a care for your teeth every day in every way.



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