How Many Calories In an Egg


how many calories are in an egg

Eggs are a great source of energy because they are full of protein. Not just that but they are packed with vitamin A, B, D minerals, omega 3 and iron. An egg a day can provide you fifteen percent of your daily protein requirement. However, it contains more than 200 mg of cholesterol but according to numerous medical studies, consuming eggs on a daily basis hardly affect a person’s good health.

If you are consuming eggs and worried about the cholesterol level in it, then you must know that cholesterol in egg yolks can hardly affect a person who is suffering from high cholesterol. The ratio of saturated fats in an egg can be worrisome for some people but at the same time,lecithin in eggs can dissolve a number of fats and cholesterol and you don’t need to know how many calories in an egg.

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People often remove egg yolks in order to lessen the calorie level but one should keep in mind that yolks are an amazing source of protein and proteins are essential to live a healthier and longer life. It also does not mean that without yolk, eggs are not important instead egg white omelette is a superb low calorie diet. One should also know that without yolk, egg is still a fantastic source of energy because without yolk it still contains vitamins A, B and D and a healthy ratio of Iron. Two whites and one yolk is a matchless breakfast and in that way you can save the amount of coal in your diet and can enjoy a highly nutrient breakfast.

In order to respond to the question “how many calories in an egg?” a short answer could be that it is all about how you cook it and how big it is.

A Hard Boiled Egg

how many calories are in an egg

It’s a fantastic source of energy to give you a strong boost. It is always recommended to use a medium sized hard-boiled egg in the salad because apart from the wonderful texture and taste it can add a lot of energy in your diet. A normal hard-boiled egg contains almost 70 calls, but if you add further dressing to your salad, then it will further increase the calorie level of your diet therefore if you are calorie conscious then hard-boiled egg with no additives is perfect for you.

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A Fried Egg

how many calories are in an egg

As said before it is all about how you cook the egg in order to gauge the calorie level of it. If you fry it in oil, then it will increase the cal level to 90 on the other hand mixing up egg with cheese or milk will increase the calorie level to 100 or 110 for one medium sized egg.

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In addition to the method of cooking, the size of an egg can affect the overall count of calorie in your diet. An average-size egg contains 60 to 70 calories,but a large sized egg contains up to 90 calories. If you are health conscious, it is important for you to consume your eggs along with other high nutrient foods such as vegetables, olives, grains and salads that will tell how many calories are in an egg.



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