How Long Does Weed Stay In Your System?


how long does weed stay in your system

What Is a Weed?

A weed is a type of a plant which can grow undesirably anywhere. For example, lawn, gardens, grassy parks and fields. These plants unintentionally can grow anywhere. Weed is also a form of a drug, which is dangerous to human health, also known by the name of Marijuana or we can say weed is said to be another name of marijuana drug. It is that type of drug which smokes like a cigarette. Also, it is  used in smoking pipes. Due to its frequent use, people are more concerned about “How long does it stay in your system?.

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How Long Does Weed Stay In a System?

Weed basically provides a relief to a person when it is being smoked, it provides a relaxing feeling, a person feels happy while having a weed still in many foreign countries, many times during driving, a person is tested for not being drunk while driving, so people are more concerned to know that “How long does weed stay in a system”.  Weed can be deducted  within 30 days of use. When it is smoked, it stays in the fat cells of a body if a person smoked it regularly. Mostly it creates the problem for the fat people because they contain more fattening cells which absorb weed. Still, if a person wants to quit smoking a weed, it can be detectable for the longer period of time. It has been researched that about 58 percent of Americans are weed addict, which can be dangerous for their health.

Metabolization of Weed

how long does weed stay in your system

There is one of the most dangerous particles in weed referred as Tetrahydrocannabinol or simply known with the name THC, which enters into  the human blood stream while smoking very rapidly. If weed is not smoked and is ingested, it will take a  longer time period, to  be engrossed in blood. These metabolites are stored in a body, whereas they can only be eliminated from the body through urine. There is different time period for weed to be detected in a body like:

  • Some metabolites can be eliminated within 20-22 hours.
  • Some can stay for about 13-14 days in a body because they get absorbed  in a human cell or more commonly into fat cells.
  • The time period of stay can also be defined by the frequency of smoking, if a person smoked frequently, it can be detected via urine test after even 45 days, similarly, if anyone is a very heavy user, he can be detected after 90 days of use too.

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More Reliable Tests To Detect Weed

how long does weed stay in your system

The urine test is considered to be one of the most reliable tests for detecting weed because urine test inception is of about fifty ng/ml (50ng/ml). This test is effective as it tells more accurately the consumption of weed within 1-4 days. Whereas metabolism can be analyzed for easily within 2-4 hours of use. Also, not only urine test, but also many other tests depend on upon the frequency of use. It creates problems  for the heaviest  users because they cannot remove the symptoms of detection more easily from their urine test. People usually drink a lot of water  in order to drain all the symptoms of weed, still, a heavier user can be detected at some point.

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 Side Effects of Weed

There are many short term and long term side effects of weed which include feeling dizziness, dry mouth or lack of saliva, short term memory loss and effect on brain, lack of motivation and don’t like to do any work or laziness, anxiety, depression, addiction to weed, sleep disorder, lungs problems, change in blood pressure and decreased appetite



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