How Long Does Methadone Stay in Your System?


how long does methadone stay in your system

Methadone is used as a pain reliever medicine for narcotics addicts like heroin and other narcotics. Methadone reduce the amount of tenderness reaching the brain and affects those areas which can control the emotions, it can diminish the effect of painful stimulus. It can also reduce the symptoms of patients addicted to narcotics without making them high and it is used for detoxification process of drugs. Symptoms are different for different people so never give this to anyone with same symptoms as it may harm him especially for asthma or breathing problem patient. Methadone is a habit forming drug and may cause addiction so needs to take with proper prescription of doctor and never take over dose and also if you plan to leave methadone you need to consult doctor for proper help because patient may experience some effects of withdrawal. Methadone is available in tablets liquid and powder form and taken orally, snorting or injecting is used by the addicts to misuse methadone. To find the answer of the question how long does methadone stay in your system we need to know some factors of drugs which include half life of medicine and how much dose is taken and how fast metabolism rate of body works.

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How Long Does Methadone Stay in Your System

Half life of medicine means that how much time one half of medicine take to leave the body and time is different for different people because of metabolism rate of the body, faster the metabolism rate and no problem in liver and kidneys, faster the drug leave the body and if patient has some other problems like week liver and kidneys so it take more time to leave the body because of slow processing of drug, another factor is how much dose is taken. Methadone is mostly used for heroin addicted patients because it has long half life. It can reach to peak level in 3 to 4 hours and it can be detected in the blood just after thirty minutes of use. There is a conflict in the half life of methadone, after taking dose its healing affects remains for 10-72 hours, some studies say it remains for 13 to 48 hours and some said it remains for 15 to 40 hours and some said 24 to 36 hours, as mentioned above time is different for different people because of metabolism rate of the body and processing time but average time is between 10 to 72 hours, so  the half life of methadone and about 1 days to 3 days and for complete removal from the system it takes about 3 to 6 days to flush out of your system. For fast flush drink a lot of water and fresh juices but don’t drink a lot before drug testing because it may dilute it and they think you are trying to hide something. Never use detox juices because most of them contains creatine.

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How Long Does Methadone Stay in Your Urine

After consuming methadone it is very important to know that it can remain in the urine for longer period. Inner function of body play important role in complete process. If the metabolism rate is higher, liver and kidney is working fine and can process fast then drug can flush from system early and if it is slow or any problem in liver and kidneys then it remains for longer time but average time of methadone to stay in urine test is about 6 to 12 days after last usage for fast metabolism rate and it could take weeks with low metabolism.

Other ways to check the drug in the system are saliva testing and hair follicle test. For saliva test it can be tested between 1 to 10 days after last use and for hair test it can be tested up to 90 days after last dose is taken.

Before Using Methadone

Before using methadone you need to know some important points and keep them in mind for proper information. Some of them are:

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  • Always take methadone after consulting with your doctor with proper prescription and precautions and never use methadone other then prescription because it can slow down or stop breathing.
  • It is used as pain reliever and opioid for heroin addicts so never use it with alcohol as it can cause very bad side effects.
  • If you have lungs problem or any other kind of breathe problems, paralytic ileus, disease of gallbladder, pancreas, any kind of kidney or thyroid problem consult with your doctor before using it.
  • Person having heart problems or any history about heart disease of personal or family background also consult with doctor before administered methadone.
  • People having any mental problems, or any history of head injury or brain tumor ask your doctor for information.
  • Consult with doctor before use if you are using some other medicines along with this as it may cause severe problems and also ask him/her if you have other medical problems.
  • Methadone sometimes act as habit forming so never share this medicine with others, specially with someone who is addicted to any kind of drug.
  • Do not stop using methadone on your own will instead consult with doctor to proper guide you about leaving medicine.
  • If dose is skipped never take extra dose along with normal dose. Consult with doctor if you forget taking dose more than 3 days.
  • Consult with doctor if you are planning to become pregnant because methadone can affect the new born baby and has habit forming effects and needs medical treatment for the baby after birth. Also avoid breast feeding baby because it can also cause problems.
  • Keep it in a safe place where others cannot get to it.

how long does methadone stay in your system

Side Effects of Methadone

Methadone is used as a pain reliever medicine for narcotics addicts so sometimes may be it has some side effects and conditions are mild to severe for different people so you need to aware of it and also have knowledge about it, if conditions are severe then consult with doctor for help. Some of the common side effects related to methadone are:

  • Sweat
  • Vomiting and Nausea
  • Tiredness and faintness
  • Allergies on face tongue or throat
  • Extreme constipation
  • Problem in breathing
  • Chest pain
  • Fast heartbeat
  • Headache
  • Body aches
  • Craving
  • Depression
  • Diarrhea

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In case if there are some serious problems and side effects then contact with doctor immediately. If accidentally over dose is taken by patient or child, you need to consult Poison Helpline at 1-800-222-1222 immediately for proper guidance and help until help is coming. After reading this article you better understand about the methadone and about how long does methadone stay in your system.



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