How Long Does Meth Stay In Your System?


how long does meth stay in your system

If you ask me that how long does meth stay in your system, there may be different answers to that but first, I am going to tell you that you are doing the dangerous form of poison to yourself. It is something too much dangerous to the health of a person. People do it for fun. They have it because it pleases them. They become addicted to it and demand for more and more. However, what they do not understand is the fact that meth is highly dangerous for their health. If they use it in excess, they may end up in a graveyard soon.

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What is Meth?

The meth is described as the worst poison that a person can do to its body. The person who take mostly say that once they take it they feel like the power the meth dissipating from the body after they take it. So they try to take it more to keep up the power of the feeling they get the after taking some of the meth’s. Once they take it they try to do more because the sensation is so overwhelming and enjoying that it wants the person to take it more rather than realizing what is happening. They don’t realize that they are actually getting addicted to this and as the time passes by they get more attached to it. The people using it get paranoid mostly.

The Period

As this is the hottest question that people want to know that how long does meth stay in your system since it is the most in the form of the drug that society use. According to the chemist, that plasma life is the answer to it. They say after 12-34 hours of the meth usage the concentration of the meth usage in the body will less to half. The effects of the meth mostly go away in two to ten days well mostly likely people use high does so it will take long to get the meth out of the body. The meth can be detected in many different ways so to detect the meth most of the times in foreign countries are through the urine test. It might take up to 72 hours. The most important part kicks in now this all depends on the metabolism of the body if the metabolism of the body is fast meth will move out fast if the meth remains for the longer period that means that metabolism of the system is slow and it will last long.

The Important Points

There are many other key points then metabolism only that is how much food you have eaten before taking the meth. How often you take the meth and how much more you intend to take the meth. The liver is the most important one because they always want to know in what condition is the liver. If the liver is working fine meth is going to take the normal standard rate regarding the metabolism rate if the liver is not working fine it is going to last longer in the body and it will be difficult to get the meth out of body fast enough.

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how long does meth stay in your system

Side Effects of Meth

Using meth can lead to a person with psychotic behavior, anxiety, insomnia and even death. People know the severe side effects of meth but also use meth, according to calculations fifty million people use meth around the world. Some of the long term effects of meth are:

  • It can damage the blood veins of brain and heart which causes the high blood pressure which leads to heart attack and brain hemorrhage and then death.
  • As meth is a synthetic stimulant so it affects directly the central nervous system and the user of meth can experience the mental rush and can able to stay awake for days without sleeping.
  • It can affect the liver and kidneys badly which causes severe problems for the user.
  • User of meth often suffer from a disease “Meth Mouth” in which user can caught in severe tooth decay and even loss of teeth and teeth fracture and collapsed jaws and other oral mouth problems. After some time the user look like zombie.
  • If meth is used by the addict by smoking then it causes breathing problems and also destroys the nose tissues badly.
  • User of this drug cannot feel hungry so it can cause malnutrition and weight loss.
  • After using meth the addict cannot bear things and become hyper fast and often fight with others and also remain in the depression situation.
  • Some people of old age can take meth which can affect their memory and can loss their memory and can be caught in Alzheimer disease.

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So here you go mystery solved about how long does meth stay in your system. Think 100 times before you are going to use it. It may take your life away or take care of your friends and family members and now you can easily judge the person who take drugs and now you can help others so that they cannot ruin their lives.



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