How Long Does Marijuana Stay In Your System?


how long does marijuana stay in your system

When you do the heavy drugs like marijuana then you should be aware of the side effects. The one who is doing the drug should know that this drug is deadly lethal when it comes to its side effects. I don’t know why people cry when they do the drugs and still ask how long does marijuana stay in your system. I mean there should be a pin drop silence for such people who do the marijuana and still ask that how long will it take to marijuana go away. Well since being the drug administrator I get spammed by such question that what will be the result of taking the drugs and how long will marijuana last. So, here we are to answer your question. We will explain it concerning the drug, its time span and various types of users who intake this drug.

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The Drug Itself

The drug itself has a long lasting effect no doubt if you smoke it you are going to get high now the thing that comes into the question is that what amount time will be marijuana in the body of such quantity. The amount of the time is highly dependent is how much often you get to smoke the marijuana with your friends. Because more you smoke it more the metabolism rate is high and when the rate is high you get to wear of the traces of the marijuana faster and easily. To check the marijuana most of the countries use urine testing method and to know that how much long marijuana will stay in your body is not accurate.

The Period

The period I am talking about is the detection period till marijuana is going to be detected in the body. Actually there is Tic that matters the most when it comes to marijuana screening through the urine and for unfortunate reasons that no one can accurately predict that how long marijuana is going to stay in the body or the individual urine as due to change of metabolism of the per personal. The amount of marijuana consumed does also affect the traces of marijuana in the body. But this is highly directional with how much you smoke it daily. There are studies being done the traces of marijuana timing but there isn’t any decisive conclusion to the study is done yet.

The Types of Users

There are two types of the users the person who is using the drug for the first time will likely to be tested positive for one to three days. Afterward, he is good to take the test bust I would suggest taking the week off before doing anything that involves taking the drug test. It is still unclear that how long it can take. For the frequent users, he can take the test after three days to be exact but he should be clear of the drugs three days. Marijuana is not the drug you should take normally because it doesn’t only destroy your metabolism rate it affects your sperm count and some might have a mental melt down after taking drugs. So here is your answer to the question how long does marijuana stay in your system.

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Side Effects of Marijuana

We all know that using marijuana can cause a lot of side effect and some are short term side effects and some are long term side effects. But it is confirm that taking marijuana is very harmful for human. Some short term and long term side effects of marijuana are:


how long does marijuana stay in your system

After using marijuana user can feel dizziness when he/she stands up. According to research 60% of users reported moderate to severe dizziness while standing after smoking high-potency marijuana. This can be happened because of change in blood pressure in the body.

Dry Mouth

Smoking marijuana can reduce the production of saliva and user is suffered from dry mouth problem named “cottonmouth”. According to survey 79% of user can have dry mouth problem. This can be happened with a long term user. To control this problem user need to chew gum as gum can stimulate salivary glands to increase the production of saliva.

Loss of Memory

Taking a lot of marijuana can cause short term memory loss problem for the user as it can affect the brain tissues and this can be the alarming situation specially for young people to stop taking marijuana.

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Other Problems

how long does marijuana stay in your system

As constantly using marijuana can affect the brain so the user have lack of motivation and cannot do works properly and feeling lazy and don’t want to work or do anything. According to survey 53% of marijuana users reported experience a failure of motivation. Long term user of marijuana has lack of dopamine.

You see there are lot of side effects and problems for the user who take marijuana and there are lot more problems like depression, anxiety, addiction to marijuana, lungs problems and irritability, sleep difficulty, and decreased appetite.



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