How Long Does Crack Stay in Your System


how long does crack stay in your system

What is a Crack?

A crack is a form of the recreational drug, and it is in crystal form basically known as crack cocaine because it is cocaine crystallization. It is available either in crystal form or in powder form. One can also use it by smoking it. The crack was very first used in Miami, New York, and Los Angeles. A person who is addicted to crack cocaine might get discomfort, deep depression and with time to time yearning for the drug. Many people raise a question that “How long does crack stay in your system”?  Crack usually stays for about two-three days in a human system, but crack high form, usually overtakes the human mind for few hours.

how long does crack stay in your system

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How Long Does Crack Stay in Your System ?

The lifespan of crack will define it that “How long does it stay in your system”i.e. it is about 15 minutes usually, whereas if the dose is very high, it overtook a person for about 5-10 minutes. It all depend on upon the amount of cocaine how much a person smoked it, which also define the quantity of crack cocaine in the human blood. In blood, crack cannot be deducted after 8 hours of use, but in rare cases, it can last for 2 hours. For this reason, a blood test is not preferable for the crack cocaine.

Deduction Through Hair Test

One of the most reliable methods of finding the crack is through the hair test because taking the hair test might reveal the amount of crack taken even after months or years. The test will depend on upon a person’s length of hair, longer the hair, more reliable the results are. Similarly, it will also depend on upon the frequency of crack and also the amount being taken.

Deduction Through Urine Test

After intake of, crack it can be abstracted within one to four days. Its stopover in the system always depends on upon the ingestion of the crack and breakdown of the crack. If the intake is of a greater amount, it can be deduced even after a week.  Sometimes it is deductible even after 3 weeks of intake, but this can happen in very peak cases.

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How is Crack Being Digested?

A person’s liver is the chief organ which helps in digestion of crack. When anyone takes crack cocaine, at first it breaks down into small pieces and is more easily metabolized which helps it evacuating through urine. When the crack is a breakdown in a body, one of the major compounds named “Benzoylecgonine” take place in the body. Also, the presence of a crack in the urine is measured with the help of that metabolite.

how long does crack stay in your system

What are The Different Effects of Crack on The Health of a Person?

There are many side effects of using crack, some of the short-term effects are: panic attack, disturbance of sleep, panic attack, irritability, restlessness, anxiety, hallucination, superiority feeling, and paranoia. These short term effects are dangerous as long term effects and can be converted into long term effects which will define that “How long does crack stay in your system?” Some of the long-term effects are:

  • Attention Deficit Disorder
  • Poor decision-making
  • Delays in verbal/nonverbal memory
  • Damage of visual skills
  • Risk of HIV and Hepatitis
  • Development of negative thoughts likes suicide attempts
  • Increase in the problem of organs like damage of nervous system, respiratory system, skin, kidneys, reproductive system, cardiovascular system and sexual health.

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