How Long Does Cocaine Stay In Your System ?


long does cocaine stay in your systemWhat is Cocaine?

Cocaine is a form of a recreational drug, it is also known as “COKE”.  One can use it by inhaling, snorting and by vaccinating in the veins. It has many side effects which overtook person senses. It may affect the mind of a person, which may include dullness of mind, not able to visualize things properly, short-term memory loss. An addict of cocaine might get different intense feelings. These things make a person conscious about the question that “How long does cocaine stay in your system? According to different researches, cocaine can stay in person, body for about 3 days maximum but in the case of prolonged cocaine mistreatment, it can stay for more than 3 days. Approx. ten percent of people who start using cocaine will progress to serious use of the drug.

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How Long Does COKE Stay In Your System

If a person takes a dose of cocaine, it may remain in a human system for a short time span of about 3-5 hours, whereas the question is for “How long does cocaine stay in a system”. It all depends on upon the usage of cocaine. One of the most known metabolites which are found in cocaine is known as “Benzoylecgonine”. This metabolite can remain for about 1-2 days in a human body. It may also depend on upon the amount of dosage a person may consume and how frequently a person is consuming it. For instance, when a person intakes cocaine, at very first the liver shots it into “Benzoylecgonine” after that it is evacuated from the urine.

Factors Which Influence Cocaine To Stay In The System

Many people are in the view that cocaine stays in the human body for an equal period of time, whereas it is not true, it may depend on upon many factors like the amount of consumption, the frequency of use and the originality of cocaine. For example: The dosage and amount of consumption will define that for how long, it will stay in a human body. The minimum amount of dosage a person may consume is of about 30 mg- 150mg. The other factor which plays an important role is the method of inducing a drug like using injections to consume drugs which stay as long as for about 5-15 minutes after very first intake. By snorting a cocaine, it lasts for about 10-30 minutes. When a person snorts it, at very first intake it overtook a person’s mind for about 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, cocaine starts leaving the human body and within 30 minutes almost half of cocaine vanishes. So within 2.5 hours, almost 100% are eliminated. Still using different drug tests, one can easily detect it in a human body.

The other most often used method is “smoking” i.e. inhaling a drug via smoking. In this case, a person might get affected more quickly as compared to other methods of digestion. It is also said to be the “free base” form of intake. One of the most known methods to know “How long does cocaine stay in a system” is through oral digestion. Other people might intake it by oral ingestion and it is one of the most dangerous forms of getting addicted to, its effects are visible within an hour also it might remain in a human system for about 2 hours or more than two hours. It took one of the longest time spans of about 5 hours to get fully eliminated from a system.

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Short Term Effects Of Cocaine

Cocaine effects appear immediately after a single dose, and disappear within a couple of minutes or hours. Taken in small quantities (up to a hundred mg), cocaine normally makes the consumer feel euphoric, lively, talkative, and mentally alert, mainly to the feelings of sight, sound, and contact. It could additionally temporarily decrease the need for food and sleep.

After taking cocaine user feel like flying in the air and cocaine can increase the temperature of the body and heart beat fast. It is slow poison and short term effects are not shown early but can effect the human body very badly.

how long does cocaine stay in your system

Effects On The Human Body

The short term physical effects on the body that will appear very early are tight blood veins, increased body temperature, fast heart beat, blood pressure and dilated pupils etc. Taking high dose can lead the person out of senses and can have violent behavior and can’t be handled easily.

Effects on Human Brain

Cocaine effect the brain of the user badly and can cause restlessness, irritability, anxiety, muscle twitches etc.

Long Term Effects of Cocaine

long does cocaine stay in your system

The long term effects of cocaine on human body appears after some time and can cause mostly heart attack because in the first hour after cocaine use the risk of heart attack is 24 times greater than normal, strokes and sudden death and can effect badly to the liver kidneys and lungs. If a drug taker is using cocaine with sniffing then there are more chances of destruction of nose tissues. Cocaine can cause malnutrition and weight loss, decaying of teeth, sexual problems and infertility, long term effects also include severe depression and tolerance is very low.

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