How To Get Rid Of Stomach Ache Fast


how to get rid of stomach ache

What is Stomach Ache?

A stomachache is a pain which is usually in the tummy or in the abdomen. It sometime lasts for a short time span for a certain reason, which is not so much dangerous but sometimes its get more painful, which makes a person conscious and he starts asking himself that “How to get rid of stomach ache”.

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Causes of Stomach Pain

There are many factors which are resulting in a stomach pain which may affect our daily lives like:

  • A person has a stomach virus
  • A person is suffering from diarrhea
  • Difficulty in digestion of food
  • A person is suffering from kidney problem
  • A person has frequent constipation

How To Get Rid of Stomach Ache?

When a stomach hurts for a certain time period, and a person is aware of his stomach pain type, he can use many home base remedies to cure it, but if the stomach pain is increasing continuously and a person feels any changing in his draining system, he should consult the doctor.  He should follow the instruction and take medicine regularly. Also, he has to avoid oily food, has to eat more fiber, drinking water as much as he can and by eating certain food which can cure pain.

Some Home Base Remedies

  • Use Warm Lemon Water

It will help in digestion of food and also helps in getting extra hydrated. If you like also add some honey along with it for getting good results as honey is the best for many diseases when used with different things.

how to get rid of stomach ache

  • Boiled Rice Water

If a person is having a pain in his stomach, he should take a small amount of rice, put it in water and heat till the rice become tender. Later, separate rice and its water. Use water of rice, mix a honey in it, this will helps in reducing the unbearable pain.

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  • Use of Mint

Mint is said to be one of the most useful technique to cure any type of stomach problem. One can cure it by taking 5-6 leaf of mind, by adding water in leaves and by boiling it, when the leaves start becoming black, stops boiling it. Keep it in fresh air, and later chill it. Use this water whole day. This will not only overcome the pain, but also help in digestion of food and to get rid of gastric problems.

how to get rid of stomach ache

  • Using of Heating Pads

Use a heating pad by putting it on the tummy. This will helps in reducing a pain. If it’s not able to properly remove it, still it will provide a relief for some period of time. It will give a relaxing feeling too.

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  • Taking a Ginger Tea Or By Chewing It

Ginger is one of the best sources of getting rid of certain types of pain. If a person is having a stomach pain, he can boil ginger with later, later can add a green tea with it. This will helps in reducing and overcoming the pain. Similarly, chewing a ginger can also cure it in a same way.

how to get rid of stomach ache

  • By Taking a Soda And Salt

One of the most useful methods, applied at homes is by taking any soda and mixing salt with it and also add a lemon in it. This will helps in curing the pain It also digests the heavy meal very early.

  • Best Remedy for Stomach

Psyllium seed husk or Ispaghol is the best remedy for stomach problem. They are hygroscopic, which allows them to expand and become mucilaginous. Along with stomach problems it is also best for many other diseases like Colon Cancer, Constipation, Diabetes, Diarrhea, Heart Disease, Hemorrhoids, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and Obesity.

Take one or two table spoon of husk and mix it in water or light boiled milk and leave it for minimum 30 minutes and add some sugar if u want sweet taste, best is to mix all stuff at night and remain it for overnight. In morning take this solution empty stomach as it swells and produces more bulk, which stimulates the intestines and can cure stomach problems. It is best remedy to use for long term and can help reduce chances of diseases to attack you. If you have problem other then stomach problem then consult a doctor of physician and take above according to their instructions.

Taking Psyllium seed husk or Ispaghol with water at morning with empty stomach can also help you in loosing weight, check your weight before using it and at least use it for one month and then check your weight. If you have some other problems along with overweight then use if after consulting your doctor.

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how to get rid of stomach ache

  • Use of Pumpkin As Your Food

Pumpkin is best vegetable for stomach problems, start using pumpkin vegetable in daily routine life and start eating it usually once a week. It can help you in stomach problems and you can see after using pumpkin vegetable as food can heal your all stomach problems. It is best natural vegetable which is best for stomach and many tummy problems.

how to get rid of stomach ache

If home base remedies don’t work, one should consult a doctor as soon as possible.



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