Difference between CT Scan vs MRI


 CT Scan vs MRI

Medical science has progressed a lot in the recent years and now people actually have many options when they seek medical help through the aid of medical scans. Medical imaging scans are of various types and each scan or diagnostic test serves a different purpose. In this article, we are focused to understand what the differences between CT scan vs. MRI are.

What is CT Scan?

The CT scan or CAT scan is a term used for the Computed Axial tomography scan. What a cat scan does is that it diagnoses chest and lung problems as well as it detect the presence of cancerous cells in the body. It is a very short and quick process and takes only up to 15 to 20 minutes of total time. The good thing about a CT scan is that it is simultaneously able to scan images of the tissues, vessels and bones. However a serious drawback of the CAT scan is that it uses radiations which have many harmful side effects on health. It is therefore not used until there is no other option left. Due to its radiations, it is not safe to be used on pregnant women or small children who have weak immune systems. So if we talk about CT scan vs. MRI, in this perspective the MRI is a much better option. However the CT scans are preferred to be used during surgical procedures as they take a very short time to process.

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What Purpose Does CT Scan Serve?

A cat scan is used for

  • Simultaneously taking images of the bone, tissues and blood vessels
  • Detecting internal injuries and traumas
  • Detecting the presence of cancer cells in the body
  • Diagnosing chest and specifically lungs problems

What is MRI?

MRI stands for Magnetic Response imaging. If we talk about CT scan vs. MRI, the MRI procedure is latest and reliable as well as safe. It works on the principles of magnetic field in combination with radio waves to replicate the images of the body organs, tissues and bones as they are inside the body. The MRI scan is more reliable than a CT scan because it produces sharper and contrasting images of the body organs and tissues. So it is easier to interpret the MRI scan and they are more accurate as far as the results are concerned. However it is an expensive technique and is not designed for the people who are claustrophobic as it takes a long time to complete. On the upside, the MRI technique does not use any radiations and therefore it is termed as being safer to use on patients.

 CT Scan vs MRI

What Purpose Does MRI serve?

The MRI scan is used for detection of brain tumors and tumors in other parts of the body. It works to look for abnormalities in any part of the body. It is known to replicate the images of the body organs, tissues and bones as they are and gives very accurate results.

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Major Difference Between CT Scan vs MRI

The major differences between CT scan and MRI are as following:

  • The purpose of the MRI is different from CT scan.
  • The time duration of the two procedures is different. MRI takes longer then the CT scan.
  • CT scan uses radiation whilst MRI does not.
  • CT scan cannot be performed on young children or pregnant women whilst there are no such restrictions for MRI.
  • MRI is a more expensive procedure than CT scan.



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