Can Black People Get Lice And How To Treat?


can black people get lice

Head lice are a very common problem which causes embarrassment for the children who are going school and also for parents who get complaints. Head lice are tiny insects but can create a big problem for children as well as young people. They are living on the human blood and transfer from one person to another. Now the question is can black people get lice or not? Is this issue is only for white and healthy skin people? Yes, they can also encounter this problem as the ratio of getting lice in black people is very minimum.

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Black People Get Lice

Why black people don’t get lice to a great quantity as in the white tone people. The survey shows that it because the structure of the black population hairs which is not suitable for lice to stay and live for an extended time. They can’t crawl efficiently in the oval shape head that’s why they will die soon. When they can’t find the place where they move smoothly, they began to search some other host for surviving. The other reason for this survival is also the way of treatment which they have to use on time. When black people find any sign of lice, they began to shave their head and vanish the reason of lice transformation. They do treatment immediately, and no give the second chance to lice get a place in their head for a long time to survive or increase their quantity.

How black People Get Rid of Lice

The black population who are facing head lice issue can explain that how difficult for them to comb and wash the lice from their head due to the particular shape of hairs which they have. It gives an excellent opportunity to lice move from one person to the other members of the family or the entire school children.

can black people get lice

There is good news for black people that many daily use products are available in the market which they can use to fight against head lice before they grew up in their head. You can also use oil based products if you feel not comfortable with others such as coconut oil which is the best option for daily use. Can black people get lice is the central question which comes first in our minds while treating our hairs?

Use Tea Tree Oil for Treatment

Tea tree oil is the natural thing to kill the head lice. This is a very useful method which people used for many years to solve the problem of head lice immediately. How you can use tea tree oil for your hair. Follow the steps which are given below to get the guide for can black people get lice and how they treat it.

  • Mix tea tree oil with coconut oil and natural shampoo in equal quantity.
  • Apply this liquid on the scalp of your hair slow and deeply. Message well and leave your strands for overnight. Then wash your head with water.
  • Comb your hair until it will dry properly. This way you can quickly remove all dead lice’s from your hairs.

can black people get lice

Also, which should be remembered that the awareness is the main thing to the success? It doesn’t matter that can black people get lice, or only white people face this issue.

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